Children’s Bullatins

I’m always jealous of the little kids in our church who are drawing and playing with toys. First of all, we never had toys. We did have the children’s bulletins though. I would like to personally thank the inventor of those. Ingenious.

Why don’t they make those for adults? No, I’m not talking about the sermon notes with the fill in the blanks. Those frustrate me. You know what I’m talking about. You’re paying attention for the first 3-5 minutes and you have all 6 blanks filled in. But as sure as the day is long, you start thinking about rushing home to read my blog and suddenly you have missed the next 3 points.

Then you have to turn to the people around you, which is awkward because the person next to you also has a few missing. So now you’re left with the daunting task of piecing together answers like a scavenger hunt.

“Um, excuse me did you get number 9? No, that’s OK, what about 4? Oh good you have that one. Which ones do you need?”

Inevitably, no one has of number 8, which I am certain the pastor omitted on purpose, to teach the congregation humility.

Meanwhile, the little children live in a wonderful world of word searches, drawing, and paper airplanes. And what could please the heart of Jesus more?

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