Olan Mills Picture Directories

I always enjoy looking through some of the old picture directories. There are some great outfits, with the hair styles to match. It’s also great, because I am terrible at remembering people’s names. This is not an admirable characteristic of someone in ministry.

People come up to me all the time, and say, “Hey Jeremy.” This leaves me with a few options:

  1. Admit I don’t know them, and sheepishly ask them for their bio.
  2. Pretend I know them, and say something like, “Oh, hey, how are…you? I was just thinking about you.”
  3. Pretend I have food in my mouth, while hoping the last glance at a picture directory will jog my memory.

It never does. Hold on, someone is knocking on my door. Hmmm, who is that person? I know I’ve seen them before.

Person at Door: “Hey Jeremy, how are you, buddy?
Me: “Oh, hey, how are…you?”
Person at Door: “I just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing.”
Me: “Wow, thanks I appreciate it…you…have a good day.”

OK, I’m back, sorry about that…now where did I put my picture directory?

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