Old School Hymns vs. Modern Praise

There are strong opinions when it comes to what music style is better. Hymns have been around for a long time, and rich and powerful words. Contemporary worship seems to be a more popular favorite among younger families.

Many churches have split over this issue, and I think that is sad. I think I know why young people are so anti-hymn. It has to do with our shortened attention spans. Many friends my age love to sing hymns. We just don’t like singing out of the hymn books.Going back to my childhood in a Lutheran church, we sang straight out of the good book.

By good book, I am not referring to the Bible, but rather it’s trusty companion, our Hymn book. This book was disguised as a Bible, as it’s the same color, but somehow either out of vanity on the publisher’s part, or to help the visually impaired, the hymn book is bigger. During services we would sit, and stand, sit and stand…sit and stand some more. During the standing portions we would open our hymnals and read or sing along.

Now you knew how long you were going to be standing based on the number of verses in the particular song. Most hymns had 3 or 4. However, on occasion we would sing one that had up to 8 verses.

This is too much for any young child to endure…especially if they know its coming. It’s like taking a kids to the Doctors office, that has big pictures of syringes hanging up in the waiting room.

Contemporary songs are simply an attempt to fool people into thinking that songs are shorter, when in reality you are probably standing for the same amount of time. After all hymns don’t typically have a chorus.

Add that to the fact that the chorus can be repeated 7 or 8 times.So in closing, I am in favor of reverting to Hymns as long as we can compromise.

I have two conditions. First of all, we throw out all of the songs that have more than 4 verses. Second, we either shrink the hymnal, or make the pew Bibles bigger.

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