Preaching Blunder #0026

Occasionally, I am asked to preach. Since I generally enjoy doing this, I jump at the chance. So this one time, my wife and her family are sitting in the front for moral support, and I am scanning my sermon notes. The last song before I go is about to end.

My wife lovingly squeezes my hand, and reminds me to take my jacket off before I go up. Good thinking. Where would I be without my girl? I take off the jacket, gather my notes and bible and head up to the podium.

We pray and I launch into the sermon. I’m pretty sure lives were changed and many people may have even come to know Christ (all because of me). I don’t really remember what I said, but I do remember that every once in a while as I glanced towards my family they were full of support.

Oddly, it looked like they were waving to me. Most people don’t have family that will wave to them during a sermon…so I was feeling pretty lucky.It wasn’t until after the sermon that I found out why.

Apparently, when I was getting dressed, I had tucked one side of my shirt in, but left the other side with a bright blue tag sticking right out. That’s how I roll. Oh, well at least my fly was up. Now that would have been embarrassing.

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