You’re In My Pew

There is an unspoken reality in church. We are territorial. Don’t believe me? Start looking around church the next few weeks, and see if you notice a trend. Some of the regulars sit in the exact same spot every Sunday. Now they might move up one pew, or back a pew…but notice where they sit in the pew. It rarely changes.

This is why the holiday season can be particularly agitating for the more territorial folk. Who do these visitors think they are taking up entire sections with family and friends? The nerve of some people…inviting others to church.  Seriously now.  I mean everyone knows they’ll be gone next week.

This is the only thing that keeps the season ticket holder of row 5, seat A, from putting up his dukes and punching the encroacher right there in the face.

So if you find yourself without a seat this Easter, and your temperature rising, remember as surely as Jesus rose from the grave…these visitors will also rise from your seat very soon.

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