Grumpy Greeters and Who Need a Waiting Room

During a term at college some friends decided to visit a local mega-church. They invited me along, and we were all pretty excited to check things out. That morning we met up outside of our dorm rooms, but someone was running a little late. We made it to the church parking lot a few minutes after the service started, but that is about far as we got. As we made our way towards the entrance, an usher was closing the doors.

When my friend asked him to hold the door for us, he held up his hand to halt our progression, and told us frankly how the service was full. He continued sternly to tell us that we would have to wait until the next service, and that we should come early if we wanted to be admitted.

I think this is why Jesus spent a lot of time preaching outside. Can you imagine his disciples telling people they would have to wait till the next service to hear about God’s love? Something tells me Jesus would not have allowed that to continue.

One time while he was preaching inside, people actually tore the roof off to see him, and what’s amazing is, he doesn’t seem all that upset about it. I don’t think that would have gone over well at this church.

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One Comment on “Grumpy Greeters and Who Need a Waiting Room”

  1. The usher could of been nicer and explained a little further to the students about fire codes. Churches must also follow the law. The governing agency will state the capacity of the building, and the church should abide. God forbid if a fire breaks out and there are too many people to get out! The headlines would read, “Church disobeys laws and students killed in fire.” It would than go on to say that there was another service the students could have attended, but were never told. The usher probably should have gone one step further and gave a why. When we get the why of a matter, it makes digesting the no a little easier.

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