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Funny in Church has Gone Big!

June 10, 2008

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Book Review – Leading With A Limp

April 8, 2008

Of all the leadership books I have read, Leading with a Limp is one of the most honest and challenging reads. The premise is that as Christians our leadership should be different than it often is.

For example, as a Christian leader, instead of desiring to gain power and control, I should actually want to run away from the task of being a leader. Dan B. Allender, uses the example of Abraham, Jacob, and Moses. He even illustrates how Jesus although obedient to the cross, asked his father if there was any other way.

Another premise is the idea that as a leader we will struggle between the need for pleasing others to maintain control, and the need to be honest for the sake of growing in character (which might involve losing position or reputation).

So in closing, I have a confession to make: My name is Jeremy, and I am addicted to blogging. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. If not it’s OK, because I know someone who will.

Ritz Crackers and Racoons

March 22, 2008

I was in high school when our youth group got together with other groups from our denomination. I was bunking with a college chaperon, I idolized named Dave Melendez.

One day after a morning session, I was on my way back to the room when all of a sudden Dave, and another leader named Kevin, quickly bust out of the room. Slamming the sliding glass door behind them, they look around with a look of panic, and instruct me hastily, “Do not go in there!”

So now I’m a little curious, but before I can ask what’s going on, I hear the sound of breaking glass and screeching.

Dave and Kevin look at each other, like they just broke dad’s favorite chair, and Kevin takes off, presumably to hide, or get help, or both.

Apparently, at some point in the morning these two wonderful spiritual role models decided to entice a raccoon to come into the room with cookies, and then trap it for observation.

They did not realize that raccoons, when trapped, have the strength and agility to rip apart curtains, bedding, knock over lamp stands, tear down shower curtains, and do a number of other destructive things, all in the span of about 3 minutes.

About $250 dollars in damage later, the raccoon was safely released back into the wild, and Dave and Kevin learned a valuable lesson on respecting God’s creatures.